Workshop: Logic, sound and interface (sold out)


How to build a sound machine.
03/10/2020 from 17.00 to 21:00
MPA Music Production Academy
Hoogstraat 38A, 3011 PR Rotterdam
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Logic, sound and interface

How to build a soundmachine


Intense diving experience into sound technologies and synth theories for beginners.
Are you an engineer in progress and a DIY lover? Don’t hesitate and join this workshop to design and build your own prototype from scratch.


Put your hands on the powerful Axoloti Core and begin prototyping. Axoloti is an advanced audio development board with visual-programming based dedicated IDE. That means you don’t need to know or write code to program it. Just patch together some function modules and wire up components to start making sounds and lights as planned.


WHEN: Saturday 03 October 2020 from 17.00 – 21:00
WHERE: MPA Music Production Academy – Hoogstraat 38A, 3011 PR Rotterdam


1. What is a soundmachine? How does it work?
  • How do machines generate sounds? Oscillators, envelopes and filters. Basics of synth theory and terminology.
  • Interface and interactions. Buttons, knobs, lights and sensors. Analysis of components and circuit integration. Basics of electronic.
  • Logic as a key element to build a functional sound machine. Basics of programming and logic functions.
2. Meeting Axoloti Core and Axoloti Patcher
  • Hardware analysis & capabilities: discover all the Axoloti features.
  • Introduction to Axoloti Patch and visual programming.
  • Sound design: learn how to create and modulate sounds into Axoloti environment.
  • Exploring rhythms and frequencies designing a melody sequence.
  • Build up manual interactions using logic and electronic components. Learn how to connect buttons, knobs, light and sensors to Axoloti.
  • MIDI integration.
3. Make your own soundmachine
  • Think creative and design your own concept of soundmachine.
  • Design your idea and create a working prototype. You’ll have access to many different components (switches, potentiometers, encoders, LEDs, motors, light sensors, touch sensors, displays…) to add in your design, plus all the tools and accessories you’ll need to work properly on your breadboard setup.
  • Show off your creation.
  • Let’s Jam together!
Edited by Gianluca Simonelli, Hohum Lab
Assisted by Razvan Isac, Hohum Lab
Workshop Materials
All the necessary equipment such PC, MIDI controllers and headphones will be provided by MPA.
Axoloti Core and the necessary prototyping equipment is provided by Hohum Lab.
Participants don’t need to bring their own laptop or any working tool. However, you can work on your own laptop if you prefer, but make sure to have Axoloti Patcher installed before joining the workshop.
Patch examples, presentation materials and other digital materials will be shared with the participants for future reference.
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  • NO refund if cancelled less than 1 week before the workshop date (after 26-09-2020)

Cancellation by us

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