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With the DIY kit you can now build your own Axoctrl.

Axoctrl is a handmade plug and play controlling interface for Axoloti Core. It gives easy access to all the connections available on the board adding knobs, buttons, extra ports and a bright display.

Before buying a DIY kit please note that it is your responsibility to build this project with the instructions provided in our workshop page. We do not provide support, unless there are some defective or missing parts.


Demo patches:

Attention! Axoloti Core is not included. If you don’t have it yet, you can buy it here

Axoloti is an open source project part of a big community where people constantly contribute with new patches and objects. Visit the community forum.


Weight 0.2 kg

9 configurable potentiometers
4 Momentary buttons
3 Led
Display OLED 128×64 px
2 Analog configurable in/out PWM (3v) for external circuits and other sensors.
2 Audio mono inputs 3,5mm mini jack
2 Audio mono outputs 3,5mm mini jack