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Axoctrl is a handmade plug and play controlling interface for Axoloti Core. It gives easy access to all the connections available on the board adding knobs, buttons, extra ports and a bright display. It comes with a unique 3D printed case that perfectly fits the Axoloti core, keeping it safe from dust and shocks. The enclosure improves the solidity of the on-board ports such as micro-USB and SD-Card without losing accessibility to any of the original connections. Easy to assembly.

Be aware that this is not an industrial production: 3D prints may have small imperfections.

Attention! Axoloti Core is not included. If you don’t have it yet, you can buy it here


Demo patches:

One minute instructions:


Axoctrl is not a commercial product and your support is fundamental for us to let this project rock and make new kicking ass music gears!

Axoloti is an open source project part of a big community where people constantly contribute with new patches and objects. Visit the community forum.


Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 17.2 × 10.3 × 48-5.2 cm

9 configurable potentiometers
4 Momentary buttons
3 Led
Display OLED 128×64 px
2 Analog configurable in/out PWM (3v) for external circuits and other sensors.
2 Audio mono inputs 3,5mm mini jack
2 Audio mono outputs 3,5mm mini jack

Enclosure material

Top: 3D printed Clear PETG
Body: 3D printed Premium PLA

Fully recyclable


Red body with translucent top

Printing time

16 hours