On this page you’ll find all the necessary instructions to assembly your AXOCTRL KIT.

Knowledge of electronic is not required for this product.


Required tools


List of components

In the box you’ll find all the components needed to assembly your AXOCTRL KIT. Please double check with the BOM that no parts are missing in your box.


1. 40 pins header

Start with the female 40 pins header and place it on the backside of the PCB. Initially solder the first pin and make sure that the header looks straight and sticks well. Then you can solder the remaining pins.

2. 2 pins header

Place the female 2 pins header on the backside of the PCB and solder it.

3. Resistors

Place the resistors on the front side. Make sure to match the resistors with the value written on the  silkscreen. The two 10k resistors go under the display. Once you’ve placed all the resistors, turn the PCB, bend the leads and start soldering. Once you have finished, remove the exceeding leads.

4. LEDs

Start placing the LED paying attention to polarity: the longer lead goes to the + symbol side (round hole). You’re free to arrange the colours as you prefer or you can follow our colour-scheme. After positioning the LEDs, bend the leads and start soldering. Once you have finished, remove the exceeding leads.

5. 3,5mm Jack ports

Place now the 6 jack ports on the top of the PCB. They should fit and stick to the surface. Then turn the PCB and start soldering the pins. Help yourself with a small support to keep straight the PCB while soldering.

6. Buttons

Place and solder now the buttons one at time. The button should be placed with the straight-side to the top as shown on the silkscreen. Start soldering only one pin and then check that the button is straight. Tip: push the button while soldering the first pin to simplify the positioning. Then solder the remaining pins. Repeat the same process for the other buttons.

7. Potentiometers

Place now the potentiometers, they should easily stick to the surface. Then turn the PCB and complete the operation soldering all the lugs.

8. Display

Fix the male 4 pins header to the backside of the display. Be careful with soldering it because the pin holes on this device are very small. The header must be straight. Place then the 2 small turrets on the Axoctrl PCB as shown in the picture and fix them well with the bolts. Place now the display and fix it to the turrets with the screws. Adjust the display position and be sure it’s straight before to solder it on the Axoctrl board.

9. Turrets

Now you need to prepare the board to be fixed to the Axoloti Core. For this you’ll need to place the 4 turrets like shown in the picture and fix them with the screws. Use the thin washers to ensure the screw-grip. Keep the remaining screws and washers to attach your Axoloti to the board.

10. Knobs

Turn all the potentiometers to the left and place the knobs pointing at the minimum level.

11. Prepare your Axoloti

Solder the two male headers (40+2 pins) on your Axoloti board.

12. Attach your Axoloti

Place the screws and the four turrets on the Axoctrl board as shown in the pictures. Connect the Axoloti board fitting in the headers and fix the board with the screws.