On this page you’ll find all the necessary instructions to assembly your AXOCTRL.

Knowledge of electronic is not required for this product.


Required tools


List of components

In the box you’ll find all the components needed to assembly your AXOCTRL, except Axoloti Core board, If you don’t have it yet you can order it here.

1 x AXOCRTL enclosure with pre-assembled board
1 x AXOCTRL enclosure back panel
1 x 40 pins male header
1 x 2 pins male header
2 x star head screw
2 x plastic washer
4 x hex head black screw
4 x sticky rubber feet
2 x plastic jack nut


1. First of all check if your Axoloti Core is working properly.

2. Start soldering the two male headers (40+2 pins) on your Axoloti board.

3. Be sure to sold them straight.

4. Now take the AXOCTRL enclosure and insert slowly the Axoloti Core trying to fit together the ports with holes in the enclosure.

5. Make a slight pressure on the right side of the enclosure in order to slip in easily the power jack port.

6. Make sure all the pins are aligned with the headers before fixing it definitively.

7. Make a slight pressure on the enclosure next to the USB ports. You should hear a “click” – That’s your first sound with AXOCTRL. 

8. Screw together the two plastic nuts with the jack ports.

9. Use the two washers and screws to fix properly the Axoloti inside the enclosure.

10. Close the backside of the enclosure positioning the back panel as shown in the picture.

11. Fix the back panel using the four black screws.

12. Cover the screws with the rubber feets.

Your Axoloti is now ready!